A review of masculinity and homosexuality in jongens a movie by mischa kamp

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A review of masculinity and homosexuality in jongens a movie by mischa kamp

Yet this wonderful film deserves much more than a straight to home entertainment distribution. The result is a poetically minimalistic portrait of youth, told beautifully through a simple and naturalistic, yet striking visual style, where cinematography truly becomes the main storytelling tool with its effective use of composition and color palette.

His best friend Stef Stijn Taverne is also in the team and they usually run together but one day they get paired with two other boys, Tom Miron Wouts and Marc Ko Zandvliet as the coach has singled the four of them out to represent the team at the race.

As the four boys start training all together Sieger and Marc hit it off pretty quickly and one day, a post-training swim in the lake changes their friendship forever.

When Tom and Stef get out of the water and are ready to go back home, Sieger is clearly torn since Marc is staying a bit longer. With the national race fast approaching and his inner turmoil haunting him more and more, Sieger needs to face his feelings once and for all.

The scope of Boys is that of exploring the insurmountable power of first love and focusing on the idealism of romance rather than sexual passion.

A review of masculinity and homosexuality in jongens a movie by mischa kamp

Yet the sexual awakening is there, hinted at, just in the sweetest of ways and it comes across so nuanced in subtext through the outstanding performances of the two teenage actors portraying Sieger and Marc. Gijs Blom and Ko Zandvliet are absolutely fantastic at conveying all their emotions with mostly their eyes, their faces and their whole body language.

They are two magnets drawn to each other but literally opposites in the way they handle it. Sieger is vulnerable and confused and keeps withdrawing every time they get closer. Think how in the Netherlands Boys aired on a Dutch channel for children and young teens.

Could you ever imagine Disney Channel commission it, despite lacking any explicit content? As if declining to include LGBT content in youth-friendly films would make homosexuality less real… Just like its protagonist, Boys is quiet, delicate and poetic.

A beautiful portrait of the confusion and discovery that define adolescence, elegantly shot and gracefully acted by its young cast. In a cinematic landscape in dire need of relatable LGBT cinema that can speak to wider audiences and educate to acceptance and equality, Boys focuses on the most important type of coming out, the one within ourselves: This film is a must-see especially for teenagers and their families and a pleasant reminder that if we pay attention, cinema has the power to change the world.Feb 09,  · The German movie "Sommersturm" (Summer Storm) came close, but contains scenes that, while realistic and innocent too, may be found a little offensive by homophobes.

"Jongens" is therefore the perfect movie to show to mixed crowds, and to educate people on the normality of being gay. This is the kind of movie a gay kid might show his grupobittia.coms: 10K. D E C E M B E R 2 0 1 4 L E S B I A N S ARE THE NEW BLACK BATTLE OF PRAHRAN The fight for the pink vote in the marginal electorate What once was done is now undone Brief history of decriminalisation of homosexuality WORLD AIDS DAY more to Mr Leatherman.

Taking a look at the world of film through gay eyes - news, reviews, trailers, gay film, queer cinema and more Taking a look at the world of film through gay eyes - news, reviews, trailers, gay . Masculinity is a set of attributes that most men aspire to have, of which many are demonstrated in the film Jongens (Netherlands, Mischa Camp, ).

Masculinity can be achieved through a display of strength and competition in sport, of which is shown in this film that follows the story of. In , Kamp studied communications science at the New School for Information Services in Amsterdam.

In she moved to the Nederlandse Film en Televisie Academie (Dutch Film and . Dutch director Mischa Kamp has established herself with several children’s movies but this time around she takes her delicate touch to another level, handling a story of first young gay love with intelligence, grace and tasteful naturalism.

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