Benefit of sport

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Benefit of sport

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Leadership Skills Friendship Playing sports enables you to create friendships you otherwise might not have formed. Sports bring teens together from different schools, backgrounds, and communities. Many times, the friendships you create on the field remain intact even when you are not playing sports.

Back to top Family The fans on the sidelines are one of the most important parts of the game.

Benefit of sport

The constant support of your parents helps you to feel good about yourself and strengthens your connection to them. As a teen, it is not always easy to find time to spend time with your parents.

Sports give you and your Benefit of sport time to appreciate one another. Back to top Coaches Providing wisdom and encouragement, coaches can be very good role models.

The relationship that you develop with your coach is very important to the success of the team. Positive coaching helps to bring the team together, and gives players the right tools to push themselves academically and physically.

Back to top Health Participating in sports improves your health in many ways. To be a good athlete, you must take care of yourself. This gets you thinking about what to eat and how to treat your body to achieve peak performance levels.

Back to top Sports Nutrition When engaging in sports for the first time, you may feel hungrier than usual. This is normal, because your body is expending much more energy than it is used to. Here are some nutrition tips to help keep you healthy while you participate in sports.

About 20 to 25 percent of energy comes from fats, so to keep energy levels high, your body needs you to consume fat. Make sure to eat before, during, and after your sport.

The helps maintain blood glucose levels, which in turn will help enhance your sports performance.

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When playing a sport, your body loses a lot of fluid, which can cause dehydration. This is dangerous — and potentially fatal — so drink plenty of water.

Benefit of sport

Eat a balanced diet.Melbourne's largest sports warehouses with discount prices on the latest sports gear for cricket, football, soccer, tennis and more, as well as a huge range of fitness equipment, clothing and footwear.

England will return from the World Cup with reputations enhanced and a new mood of optimism around the national side, despite finishing fourth after a play-off loss to Belgium. So when the. Benefits of sport for children Some of the many benefits of sport participation for children include: reduced risk of obesity; increased cardiovascular fitness; Sport and children.

Make sure that some family outings offer opportunities for physical activity, such as playing sport together. About EPSI. EPSI is a membership-based networking organisation within Europe that focuses on innovation in the areas of physical activity related to sport, leisure and health.


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GwirVol is a Wales–wide initiative, led by the views of young people, encouraging more young people in Wales to get involved with .


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