Business email writing activities

The aim of this class is to talk about business email writing etiquette, and practice composing and replying to emails. It is perfect for in-company students, both groups, and individual. The Task Part 1 Start with the Talking Points to see how often your students exchange business emails, who they write to, and whether there are certain things they pay special attention to when writing a business email. Then show them the infographic discussing basic rules of email writing etiquette, see what you have already mentioned.

Business email writing activities

Research shows that by using computers, students become better problem solvers and better communicators. Over a network, using e-mail and sharing files, students have the chance to collaborate and work together with other classmates, peers, and teachers. Networking electronically can help learners create, analyze, and produce information and ideas more easily and efficiently.

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Networking people "puts an inspiring, enticing, and usable set of tools within reach of the mass of computer users, empowering them to go beyond simply processing information to repurpose, design, publish, and express" Mello, Through this increased electronic access to the world around them, students' social awareness and confidence increases.

Networking frees them from the limitations of traditional writing tools that often inhibit and restrict writing processes. Learning is then transformed from a traditional passive-listening exercise to an experience of discovery, exploration, and excitement. Students can begin to realize their full potential when they are empowered to contribute and collaborate as a team to accomplish their writing tasks more effectively.

What is electronic mail? Electronic mail is a relatively new medium of communication that is experiencing exploding growth in the U. E-mail messages can be sent across different kinds of networks, both locally and globally.

Aside from the Internet there are thousands of local area networks and wide area networks that send millions more messages daily across various kinds of transmission cable. Electronic mail over the Internet, the world's largest computer network, is experiencing exploding growth daily.

Reuter, a major online news service, estimates that number of American homes online will more than triple to Nearly every major university in the United States provides Internet e-mail for its staff and students.

business email writing activities

America Online AOLthe largest commercial online service in the States, handles more than 4 million pieces of e-mail each day. Moreover, its membership is growing by 75, per week.

Why use e-mail in the writing class?

business email writing activities

Using e-mail in a writing class can occur over any kind of network as long as workstations with e-mail software are readily available to the students.

This could be in a lab, over a campus network, or across the Internet. There are many reasons why using e-mail is advantageous for the student and the teacher in the writing class.

First, by using e-mail in the writing class students become familiar with a communication tool that is vital to their survival in the 21st century. What was once considered a fad is now becoming the communication tool of choice of many white collar workers in industrialized countries.

In the world of business, education, politics, and technology, electronic mail is quickly taking the place of voice, paper, and fax communication. Employers will require this vital skill for their employees of today and tomorrow.

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Secondly, a teacher can interact with a student or a group of students working on a project at times that are more convenient to the student, group, and the teacher. The vital interaction and feedback that takes place between a teacher and student or group of students over a writing task is not limited to the confines of a classroom.The perfect book for anyone looking to improve their business writing skills.

Download these Business Process Design templates (MS Word, Excel + Visio) to capture the procedures that govern how your business works from technical and operational levels. E-mail Activities in the ESL Writing Class Ron Belisle ronb [at] grupobittia.comogawa Women's University Nishinomiya, Japan Introduction. This article explores the student and teacher benefits of using electronic mail (e-mail) in an ESL writing class. Jun 11,  · Expert Reviewed. How to Write Business Emails. Three Parts: Making a Clear, Concise and Actionable Message Maintaining Formality and Professional Image Best Practices for Formal Greetings and Closings Community Q&A Email overload! Many people in business get more emails than they can deal with. To make sure your 86%(30).

It's an easy read & uses humor. I've liked the activities and suggestions for the activities as well. Email messages are good business as long as they’re business-like! Jeff Stone, manager of Just Roses, Inc., received a delivery of poor quality roses. He needs to contact Harry Fence, accounts manager at B&D Flower Wholesalers.

Common Mistakes When Writing a Business Email – Self-promoting oneself heavily. If your business partners receive an email with details of how significant your position is and how great the company is that you work for, they will .

Subject lines in emails are like labels on packages. They identify the contents in a quick phrase.

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Good subject lines tell the message of the email in a nutshell. A sample business letter based on a real-life situation can really help stimulate the letter writing process. The more realistic the example letter, the better it is as a template.

Online business writing training rated out of 10 stars by D&B. Offering 45 business writing courses from basic grammar to email, letters, and reports. Individual coaching by College of Business professor. Specialized areas of business writing such as legal proofreading and writing meeting minutes.

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