Chicago booth mba admissions essays

But read the fine print.

Chicago booth mba admissions essays

Chicago booth mba admissions essays

Much higher than the years before. So, in real terms, what is the payoff? With an EMBA under your belt, you can hone your business, managerial and leadership skills; you are likely to skip a few rungs on the corporate ladder on the way up; you will likely get promoted more easily; you will probably be assigned more responsibilities at work, and you can more easily switch career tracks for better prospects.

Here are the numbers. Wharton and Columbia claim their EMBA programs get students a per cent jump in salary while others, such as the Ross School of Business and Stern School of Business, say their degrees result in a per cent and per cent rise in remuneration, respectively.

While some prefer to start over with a new job after a two-year break, to do a more prestigious, full-time MBA, many see a more flexible EMBA program as a way to skirting the issue of job insecurity. Second, an EMBA could be a valuable bargaining chip even before you get the degree.

If your employer values your worth, he or she may up your remuneration anyway, worried you may quit for greener pastures once you get the accreditation. A more mature way of assessing your value to the company would be to reward you for bringing more to your role due to the enhanced knowledge and perspective.

Third, students in an EMBA class are drawn from diverse industries and have a wealth of experience to contribute to the program. Therefore, each one contributes to creating a learning environment that encourages growth in every candidate.

Chicago booth mba admissions essays

This can also help you grow your professional network and present some interesting business opportunities as well. A fourth reason is that you get to apply your classroom learning to your workplace, in real time, which can be incredibly exciting and rewarding.

It also adds value to your work, which is something that benefits your employer and team mates.

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One, an EMBA is bound to impact your work and your colleagues. It will mean taking time off to attend classes and for study leave, which means your boss needs to be willing to accommodate this. It would be a lot easier if your boss has an MBA and thus sees the merit in the degree.

Since time is not expandable, you will not be able to do it all, like you used to.

Full-Time MBA

You may have to give up a few things because you will not be able to execute all your responsibilities and chores to your satisfaction. Identify areas you can temporarily assign to the backburner, like hobbies, interests and even the gym.

Often times, you may not find the time to hang out with friends or take in a movie. The idea is, alongside work, you need to make your EMBA a focal point.

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Your academic rigour will require all resources to be diverted to you, placing a huge burden on family for the duration of the course. This is even more relevant of you are raising a family or plan to raise one, the latter being a strict no-no for the duration of the program.When admissions officers read your MBA application, they want to feel inspired by your personal statement; they want to know that you have a strong sense of purpose and will work energetically to attain your objectives.

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So, you are looking to go back to school to earn your MBA and either plan for or facilitate your transition into a civilian role. Here are a few tips on how to leverage your military experience into a successful business school application.

If you are looking for more schools the ETS link has a full list of MBA programs which accept the GRE. Further, to confuse, or perhaps clarify you, ETS also has a GRE-to-GMAT converter.. UPDATED: June 5, Interested in admissions consulting?

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