Describe the benefits of a university

No more 6 a. Many young people develop a negative attitude toward education.

Describe the benefits of a university

However, sustainable design can be more than just responsible earth stewardship. Universities should approach sustainability as an expectation, not an add-on, incorporating it into the building process and thinking about all of its potential impact when making design decisions.

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At a time when educators at every level are scrutinizing budgets, it is important to not only consider the initial cost of a new campus building, but also the operational cost of the building for the next 50 years.

If a building is designed with this in mind, sustainable architecture and engineering practices can pay back operating costs over time. Choices, which range from minimizing or eliminating hard to reach horizontal surfaces that typically collect dust, to selecting durable flooring in areas with the most student traffic, can reduce janitorial costs substantially.

Sustainable practices can create better learning environments for students. In fact, according to a Heschong Mahone Group study, the physical conditions of classrooms are an important predictor of student performance.

This type of ventilation system can also impact the learning environment by eliminating excess noise and reducing germ circulation.

Historically, large group instruction spaces in higher education facilities have been designed with higher ceilings and large volume. The traditional method of supplying conditioned air at the ceiling requires the entire air volume to be heated and cooled, even the space near the ceiling where there are no occupants.

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On the other hand, displacement ventilation systems introduce the conditioned air low and utilize air stratification to heat and cool mainly the occupied zone of the room.

Not only does this save on energy costs, but these types of systems are quieter, which helps with the acoustics in classrooms and eliminates excess noise for students.

Additionally, displacement ventilation provides cleaner, filtered air at the occupied zone, and draws contaminated air away from the students, improving air quality, rather than mixing the fresh air with circulating air within the room.

Describe the benefits of a university

In this manner, displacement ventilation can lower the spread of germs among students, which can, in turn, reduce absenteeism. All classrooms are on the north side of the building and foot glass window walls allow for the diffusion of sunlight through the classrooms and into the primary circulation corridor to maximize day lighting.

Additionally, the central spine is rendered with light wells, drawing ambient northern light from rooftop clerestory windows deep into the core of building. Throughout the facility, direct-indirect classroom lighting is switched, but programmed to have only one circuit on at a time, thus meeting minimum IES standards.

Punched windows in southern located offices allow for proper glazing percentage, and each window hood houses a reflecting shelf to capture and diffuse sunlight for a more comfortable environment. When SHW Group was tasked with designing a new library for Grand Valley State University GVSUthe team participated in a three-month visioning session with the University to develop a vision for the new library based on how students and faculty were using the current library.

These visioning sessions also included specific discussions on sustainable design to determine how and where to use sustainable features.

The team used quality based decisions to help organize the new building, by identifying who and how the occupants would use the space. For example, by moving books to an off-site storage location, GVSU opened up more space for students to study and collaborate. The university found the space was a large draw for the student population, with gate counts increasing dramatically.


Getting a book, however for students could take some time to retrieve. A building which accommodated space for both student collaboration and books stored in the traditional method would require a lot of square footage.

The ASRS allowed the patron to have the book they wanted in less than one minute, while managing to store an incredible number of books in a fraction of the space taken up by conventional shelving methods. This minimized the impact of building without sacrificing on learning.

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Universities with no renovations or new projects in the near future also participate in the sustainability discussion by educating students outside the classroom.

As universities increase the incorporation of sustainable features in current and future campus buildings, the dialogue is evolving and people understand that sustainability is more than a buzzword--there are tangible benefits to sustainable design.

When designed correctly, sustainable features can not only contribute to the long term livability of the planet, but also save on operating costs and ultimately provide a better learning environment for students.Each university has until the end of August to prepare submissions for up to 20 case studies that show how their research provided “end-user benefits” in one of four “Socio-Economic.

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The Benefits of Sustainability. Tod Stevens and Chris Mackey.

Describe the benefits of a university

June 1, The university found the space was a large draw for the student population, with gate counts increasing dramatically. Getting a book, however for students could take some time to retrieve.

the dialogue is evolving and people understand that sustainability is. Benefits of On-Campus Housing for Students Courtesy of The Southwest Association of College and University Housing Officers.

Housing and Meal Plan Requirements. Introduction. There are many benefits to students living on campus. These benefits can be tied to access to programs in the residence halls and the connections to the university.

What are the benefits of group work? “More hands make for lighter work.” “Two heads are better than one.” “The more the merrier.” These adages speak to the potential groups have to be more productive, creative, and motivated than individuals on their own. The Benefits of Living On Campus Why does George Fox University require most students to live on campus?

What is the value-added purpose of expecting a traditional undergraduate to live on a college campus? Why is it beneficial to live on campus?

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