Every individual quest for great power in the college by scott mcbain

DB 10 hours 19 minutes by Bill Beverly read by J. Jackson East, a gang member in Los Angeles, is sent by his uncle on a mission with a group of other young men to kill a witness hiding in Wisconsin. The experiences he and his compatriots have force him to reevaluate the world he lives in.

Every individual quest for great power in the college by scott mcbain

In this case, the planHandler can be retrieved from a library of agents that agentTool has created off line. The plan sequence is now picked up by our newly created planHandler agent where a resource analysis is conducted to determine the resource requirements of each task in the sequence.

Execu- tion of each task is now commenced. This continues until all tasks are executed or a failure in a task execution or resource requirement is encountered. Once en- countered, the planHandler then gathers the details of the failures and attempts to overcome the failure to send to the prodigyAgentHandler and mixed-initiative replanning com- mences.

Also, implicit in the diagram is the ability of the human decision maker to observe activities on the system. The general problem with the development of the MADGS system revolves around facilitation of real-time operation and plan failure handling. One of the common threads across the aforementioned domains and the general problem is the need for distributed goal satisfaction that can work coopera- tively with legacy planning systems yet autonomously handle changes in constraints.

The need to re-plan or backtrack due to constraint changes in any plan can mean a substantial resource loss; be it lost capital or life, the expense is real.

In the fore- front, the system is providing an environment for general operation, sub-plan and sub-task execution, and user inter- face. However, this representation allows the MADGS system to facilitate the DGS process by maintaining a more complete view of the current state of the world.

This world-view is constantly shifting in any operation especially large-scale operations. Springer Appl Intell Even though some agent-based mission planning and exe- cution systems have been developed [47] they do not fully use the power of agent programming.

Our approach is to use the strengths of legacy systems in conjunction with the strengths of agent programming coupled with our own approaches to communications as outlined above and resource location and allocation.

Most large-scale operations create a plan off- line by formulating a problem or suggested outcome and then determining an optimal plan for the realization of this global goal. While an agent system could be used for such an op- eration there are legacy systems in existence optimized for this purpose.

Every individual quest for great power in the college by scott mcbain

The MADGS system then uses command agents to decompose the plan if necessary into sub-plans which are further decomposed into tasks by sub-command agents Command agents with a lower rank that assign the tasks to subordinate task agents.

This process is not dissimilar to those present in existing agent-systems. A change in a constraint or condition of a sub-plan could lead to its total or partial failure that in turn can lead to a rip- pling effect, thereby negating the validity of the initial plan.

We accomplish this by acting on the resources required to accomplish a given goal, plan or task. A resource is any com- modity that is necessary to facilitate the completion of a goal. Goal A requires resource X, quantity 3 The DGS agent module receives the local version of the plan and a list of the required constraints primary resources.

This data is then rated based on alternative resource availability to the local plan taking into consideration other known pending or cur- rent local plans. This information is then stored and the DGS agent module monitors the primary resource statistics.

If accepted the resources are set into action in place of the primary failed resources. This process when suc- cessful negates the need to replan or backtracking furthering the maintenance of a real-time system.

In the following sub- section, we present our formal approach to resource match- ing. As stated above, backtracking due to plan failure can result in substantial loss; whether it be loss of capital or or loss of life, the expense is real.

In the event of a failure, our goal is to offer alternative solutions to the human commander in an effort to assist them in accomplishing their mission. Our approach seeks to mimic and exploit the strengths of our on-site commanders by en- hancing their own innate resourcefulness.

In effect, we at- tempted to provide targeted resource information to assist commanders in resource substitution decisions and on the spot plan alterations.

Can resource A be substituted by resource B given a set of mission requirements. These include cost factors such as transportation costs, scheduled availability, production costs, etc.

Also, another more prob- lematic cost is the possibility of cascading plan failures when a particular critical resource is diverted toward solving an- other plan. This is especially unacceptable if the second plan is not critical to overall theater operations. In addition, given the vast number of resources available in any theater, the number of alternative resource suggestions can actually overwhelm the human commander.

Clearly, resource substitution is very much related to lo- gistics management e.

Every individual quest for great power in the college by scott mcbain

We can state such a problem as consisting of a set of suppliers and consumers. Some models are Springer Appl Intell In recent years, researchers have proposed multi-agent based models [30, 33, 39, 48, 49].

Such an approach is only appropriate for inter- organizational logistics, which consists of competitive enti- ties.The New Era of Assessment Management is Here. Learning management and assessment management are finally part of the same system.

Easily create objectives-aligned assessments that are managed from one central location and delivered in the normal course workflow.

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