Front axle

Terminology[ edit ] On cars and trucks, several senses of the word axle occur in casual usage, referring to the shaft itself, its housing, or simply any transverse pair of wheels. Strictly speaking, a shaft which rotates with the wheel, being either bolted or splined in fixed relation to it, is called an axle or axle shaft. However, in looser usage, an entire assembly including the surrounding axle housing typically a casting is also called an axle.

Front axle

The easiest way to tell a D60 from a D44 is the diameter of the hub. Lug pattern alone is insufficient as there were 8 lug D44s. The lockout hub on a D60 is approx 4" in diameter. This is what a kingpin knuckle looks like. The RCD60 has a high pinion diff - notice how the pinion enters above the centerline of the axle tubes.

The following pics are of a Chevy K30 D60 Chevy D60 has passenger side diff and kingpin knuckles. Notice the Chevy pinion is much lower than the RC version. This picture applies to any kingpin Dana60 front axle.

Miscellaneous Front D60 pics: Note blue arrow Front axle clearance for large single-piston Chevy brakes, and is different from Ford knuckles. Chevy 6 bolt spindle. Mounting holes are NON-symetrical and the spindle will only fit one-way. Dodge D60 with external mounted drive flange.

Dodge D60 with external mounted drive flange, center dust-cap removed. Dodge D60 with external mounted locking hub. Ford 5 bolt spindle. Note non-symmetrical bolt circle. Spindle will only fit on knuckle one way. Chevy D60, rebuilt by Boyce. Photo courtesy Boyce Equipment.

Dodge DRW Front 60 external locking hub. The following info is true of all front Dana 60s covered by this article. When aftermarket vendors started making gears lower than 4. So if you bought aftermarket 5.

Front axle

Now - if you buy an aftermarket carrier i. The problem you might run into, is this:. You buy aftermarket gears first - lower than 4. Then you buy a locker by ratio, not make and model, and naturally you'd think "I have 5.

The carrier break is 4. I don't know if Spicer is the only manufacturer offering thin RC60 gears - but the bottom line is - when dealing with an RC60, you do have to match your carrier and gear set.

To distinguish a 4. For a 3 series carrier 4. Nodular iron Axle tubes construction: This info can be extremely useful when figuring out what parts can and cannot be used on an axle or custom project. This is usually because either a manufacturer uses their own part, own part number, or the information is no longer available.

In the same vein, you can use information in the chart to infer facts, even though they are not presented as such.Free Shipping with $50 purchase. Get free standard shipping to your front door or almost anywhere when you make a $50 minimum purchase. Get Full Details.

Free standard shipping is limited to locations within the continental United States and Alaska. This is a rebuilt front end axle beam for VW Volkswagen standard Beetle and Karmann Ghia (not Super Beetle). We prefer to use original OEM factory VW German beams over the cheaper lightweight Brazilian beams.

An axle that is driven by the engine or prime mover is called a drive axle.. Modern front-wheel drive cars typically combine the transmission (gearbox and differential) and front axle into a single unit called a drive axle is a split axle with a differential and universal joints between the two half axles.

Each half axle connects to the wheel by . Chrome Moly Front Axle Shafts We carry a wide variety of Yukon axle shafts and kits! We have all kinds of individual shafts as well as axle kits, complete with both chromoly inners, both chromoly stub shafts and a pair of Spicer universal joints or the Yukon Super Joints.

Front axle

48 56 21 8 Figure 2 D SO 11 O 14 The following is a detailed list Of all special service tools required to service a Model 60 Front or Rear axle.

Product Description pair of DTA new CV axles for the front driver side and front.

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