Gantt chart using excel

Creating Excel Gantt chart takes approximately: List your project schedule in an Excel table Break down the entire project into chunks of work, or phases. These will be called project tasks and they form the basis of your Gantt chart. In Excel, orenter your data by listing the Start Date and Finish Date of each task, and also it's Duration count of days required to complete that task.

Gantt chart using excel

Excel Gantt chart templates What is a Gantt chart? The Gantt chart bears a name of Henry Gantt, American mechanical engineer and management consultant who invented this chart as early as in s. A Gantt diagram in Excel represents projects or tasks in the form of cascading horizontal bar charts.

A Gantt chart illustrates the breakdown structure of the project by showing the start Gantt chart using excel finish dates as well as various relationships between project activities, and in this way helps you track the Gantt chart using excel against their scheduled time or predefined milestones.

How to make Gantt chart in Exceland Regrettably, Microsoft Excel does not have a built-in Gantt chart template as an option.

However, you can quickly create a Gantt chart in Excel by using the bar graph functionality and a bit of formatting. Please follow the below steps closely and you will make a simple Gantt chart in under 3 minutes.

We will be using Excel for this Gantt chart example, but you can simulate Gantt diagrams in Excel and Excel exactly in the same way. Create a project table You start by entering your project's data in an Excel spreadsheet.

List each task is a separate row and structure your project plan by including the Start date, End date and Duration, i. Only the Start date and Duration columns are really necessary for creating an Excel Gantt chart. However, if you enter the End Dates too, you can use a simple formula to calculate Duration, as you can see in the screenshot below.

Select a range of your Start Dates with the column header, it's B1: B11 in our case. Be sure to select only the cells with data, and not the entire column. Under the 2-D Bar section, click Stacked Bar.

As a result, you will have the following Stacked bar added to your worksheet: Some other Gantt Chart tutorials you can find on the web recommend creating an empty bar chart first and then populating it with data as explained in the next step. But I think the above approach is better because Microsoft Excel will add one data series to the chart automatically, and in this way save you some time.

Create Professional-looking Gantt Charts in Excel.

Add Duration data to the chart Now you need to add one more series to your Excel Gantt chart-to-be. Right-click anywhere within the chart area and choose Select Data from the context menu. The Select Data Source window will open.

Gantt chart using excel

Click the Add button to select more data Duration you want to plot in the Gantt chart. The Edit Series window opens and you do the following: In the Series name field, type "Duration" or any other name of your choosing.

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Alternatively, you can place the mouse cursor into this field and click the column header in your spreadsheet, the clicked header will be added as the Series name for the Gantt chart. Click the range selection icon next to the Series Values field.

A small Edit Series window will open. Select your project Duration data by clicking on the first Duration cell D2 in our case and dragging the mouse down to the last duration D Make sure you have not mistakenly included the header or any empty cell. Click the Collapse Dialog icon to exit this small window.

This will bring you back to the previous Edit Series window with Series name and Series values filled in, where you click OK. Simply click OK for the Duration data to be added to your Excel chart.

The resulting bar chart should look similar to this: Add task descriptions to the Gantt chart Now you need to replace the days on the left side of the chart with the list of tasks.

Right-click anywhere within the chart plot area the area with blue and orange bars and click Select Data to bring up the Select Data Source window again. Make sure the Start Date is selected on the left pane and click the Edit button on the right pane, under Horizontal Category Axis Labels.

A small Axis Label window opens and you select your tasks in the same fashion as you selected Durations in the previous step - click the range selection iconthen click on the first task in your table and drag the mouse down to the last task.

Remember, the column header should not be included. When done, exit the window by clicking on the range selection icon again.Gantt Chart Excel gives you the ability to see every step of your project from beginning to end. Create Gantt Charts in Microsoft Excel , , & on Windows & Excel on macOS.

“This is the best alternative to Microsoft Project. Next, we’ll format the stacked bar chart to appear like a Gantt chart. In the chart, click the first data series (the Start part of the bar in blue) and then on the Format tab, select Shape Fill > No Fill. Gantt Chart Excel gives you the ability to see every step of your project from beginning to end.

Create Gantt Charts in Microsoft Excel , , & on Windows & Excel on macOS. “This is the best alternative to Microsoft Project. Using Excel to Create a Gantt Chart written by: Michele McDonough • edited by: Michele McDonough • updated: 9/13/ Although Excel doesn't have a built-in Gantt chart wizard like the ones found in other software products, it's still possible to create this useful project management tool within the spreadsheet application.

Though Excel doesn’t have a predefined Gantt chart type, you can create one using this free template: Gantt project planner template for Excel Sample simulated Gantt chart in Excel and Sample simulated Gantt chart in Excel and Gantt chart template from vertexcom is a free Gantt chart template that works with Excel , , , and as well as OpenOffice Calc and Google Sheets.

You work with this template in the same fashion as you do with any normal Excel spreadsheet.

Learn How to Make a Gantt Chart in Excel - Sample Template Included