Life in sparta essay

More Essay Examples on Military Rubric Of course, in the hierarchical order, they come after Mesopotamia, Egypt and Babylon ———— but what is significant about them is the fact that no other civilization since has so widely and so deeply influenced the course of future history. That is why they say that the history of Greece is less the past and more the present and the future.

Life in sparta essay

To tell the truth, I believe that Greek civilization is one of the best of all existing cultures and Sparta is the most outstanding its poleis.

This theme troubles me and many other people and often becomes the key one in our conversations with other citizens of Greece.

King Leonidas from the movie 300

Yesterday I had a long conversation with one of our close friends, Tiberium. He arrived suddenly from one of Greek poleis situated on the northern shores of Pont Euxine where he lived with his big family.

It was the first time for many years when Tiberium visited Laconica. I remember Tiberium since my childhood when my family and I lived in Chersonese. Even at that time he stroke me with his acquisitive mind. He was a merchant, travelled a lot and knew a lot of things and facts. He told me interesting stories about far provinces of Greece and other countries.

Yesterday he told me that it was time to repay debt and now it was my turn to tell him about the polis I was living in. He asked me so many questions about our traditions, education, everyday life and then asked me to put everything down in order he could use this information in the book he was writing.

So, here is my story. As I have already mentioned, Sparta is a great state and even self-conceited people as Athenians admit this. Initially, it was much less different from other Greek cities.

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In the earlier period Sparta had as many good poets and actors, as the other Greek regions. However, later much was sacrificed to the success of the war and Sparta went its own way.

For a stranger from Athens or citizen of Miletus, who visit our straggling villages that form a modest wall-free city, it seems that they find themselves in the past, when people were braver, and more simple, not spoiled by wealth and concerned with ideas.

At least they often say so.

Life in sparta essay

An ordinary Greek man believes that the political system of Sparta has a strict and simple beauty; it is the Doric city - stately, like the Doric temple, far more noble than his own place of residence, but not so easy to live in it.

Another reason due to which other Greeks envy us is the stability of Sparta. In all other Greek cities revolutions happen very often, but the Spartan government remains unchanged for centuries, except for a gradual increase in power of the ephors, which happens legally, without violence.

However, our traditions are what really differs us from all other Greeks. Our great prince Lycurgus was the father of our national identity.Athens.&Sparta&is&the&premier&city8stateofancient&Greece.& & Citations& Spielvogel, J. Journey across Time: the Early Ages.

New York: McGraw-Hill/Glencoe, Gill, N. “Thermopylae-Basics on the Persian Wars Battle of Theropylae B.C.” Ancient.

Ancient Sparta and Athens March 5, The ancient Athens and Sparta In times, long before Jesus, when thousands of people were dying for there lands and where women and men had very different roles were two unique cities, Athens and Sparta, with very different politics, beliefs and day to day life.

Essay about Research assessment on Sparta. Research assessment on Sparta: Everyday Life- daily life, leisure activities and food The daily life in Sparta was quite different for men and women.  SPARTA THE LAND OF WARRIORS The Spartan City State formed what is probably the most intense military in ancient history.

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Essays and criticism on Sparta in Literature - Critical Essays. Sparta in Literature citizens to fully focus on the preparation for war—the fundamental aspect of Spartan life.

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