Male and female issues essay

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Male and female issues essay

The outcome shocked and humiliated the athlete, who had never doubted her status as a woman. Patino was encouraged to drop out of competition but she defended herself to critics, eventually winning back the ability to compete as a female athlete.

Patino is not the only major athlete to face accusations of this nature.

Male and female issues essay

South African runner Caster Semenya was accused of being a man when she crushed the competition in the women's meter race at the world championship. Like Patino, Semenya fought against her critics, enduring intense public scrutiny during an embarrassing investigation.

The sex verification investigation eventually permitted Semenya to continue to compete in the Olympics as a woman, where she earned a silver medal. These two cases illustrate the difficulties associated with sex verification within competitive athletic environments. Those concerned with sex verification argue that their effort is required to ensure a fair playing field.

However, sex verification can be a humiliating process for the athletes who, after living as women all their lives, must endure the scrutiny and judgment of others. Sex verification is problematic because no easy answer exists. Many different factors are relevant to the determination of the sex of a human being.

The first factor to consider is biology. Individuals often mistakenly believe that studying a person's genetic makeup offers a clear determination of sex.

13 Real Differences Between Male And Female Brains | Thought Catalog Custom Comparison and Contrast between Men and Women essay paper writing service Buy Comparison and Contrast between Men and Women essay paper online Men and women are different in nature.
Reproductive System – Essay Sample Women are the only ones in their right minds.
Essay on Gender. Research Paper on Gender Roles Children learn from their parents and society the conception of "feminine" and "masculine. The way we tend to think about men and women and their gender roles in society constitute the prevailing paradigm that influences out thinking.
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Buy Comparison and Contrast between Men and Women essay paper online Reproductive System — Essay Sample The reproductive system involves a number of organs that work together to reproduce new life.

If a person has two X chromosomes, that person is female while the person with an X and a Y chromosome is male. However, the biological determination of sex is not so simple due to activity of the SRY gene.

This gene is typically found on a Y gene and triggers the fetus to develop as a male. However, the gene can appear on an X gene or not function as expected as a Y, resulting in unexpected sexual development.

Therefore, while the X and Y chromosomes may provide some guidance toward developing a clear biological determination of sex, they are not sufficient to end the controversy. Psychological factors such as self-perception are also relevant.

Individuals see themselves in a certain way. They will then choose to present themselves to society in a way consistent with how they view themselves. Race is an analogous case. Scientists once believed race to have a biological component but today recognize that race is a social construction.

Individuals may choose to identify as a particular race or as biracial, depending upon their personal preferences and circumstances. Therefore, with no clear bright line offered by biology, sex arises more as a social construction resulting from the negotiation of different interactions between people.

Both Maria Patino and Caster Semenya consider themselves to be women. Like most people, they were likely told their sex initially by their parents.

They were then labeled as females by others as they matured. Comfortable with their status as women, they fought to maintain their identities as women in a public battle experienced by relatively few. In the past, men and women were identified by their external genitalia.

However, some people have both sets of genitalia, some have neither. The inability of external genitalia to offer a clear answer on how to determine sex has led to the effort to develop a new method of determining sex that can help to explain the apparent aberrations from the dichotomy.

For this reason, health texts acknowledge multiple sexes within a continuum, rather than the duality of just male or female. However, regardless of the exact test selected to formally determine sex, individuals will continue to decide for themselves whether to live as women or as men.

They will fight to defend that choice. Therefore, while biological factors may push an individual toward a certain choice, sex is more an artificial construction used by society to make easy, yet imperfect, distinctions.

Ultimately, the pressure to prove that one is a female is likely higher than the pressure to prove one is a man.Custom Difference between Male and Female essay paper I. Male and female Gender Gender refers to a social construction of male and female identity denoting more than just biological differences between men and women.

Female Gender Issues - Research Essay The Sex Test. The male/female dichotomy is misguided when it comes to human sexuality. In the past, men and women were identified by their external genitalia.

However, some people have both sets of genitalia, some have neither. The inability of external genitalia to offer a clear answer on how to. Both the male and the female reproductive systems, although fueled by a similar goal, have different components and structures.

Gender Issues Essays: Examples, Topics, Titles, & Outlines

Both systems are very complex in their own way, making it important for one to understand how each of the systems and their various processes work. Male and Female Juvenile Offenders Essay Sample - The criminal justice system (courts) puts harsher penalties upon the male juveniles due to statistics showing they are the main offenders.

This is a basic thinking upon our society, as females are obviously seen as the more emotional sex, thus judges are able to take pity upon their emotional.

The effect of the gender roles shift is most apparent in the male than the female (Muddy 14). In “journalism and feminist literature of the s and s” (Muddy14), experts found that men tend to “resist women’s rising economic power, even retaliate against it” (Muddy 14).

Access to over , complete essays and term papers; Essays Related to The Difference Between Males and Females. 1. Male and Female Behavioral Differences. Even though male and female are different their similarities are far greater than their differences.

This would suggest that there are not absolutely any marked differences /5(6).

Male and female gender roles essays