Microscope activity

Heidi 2 Comments Oct 24, One of the staple purchases you want to make for your homeschool science studies is a microscope. From the early elementary years you can begin with basic microscope activities, building up to full blown usage for biology study in the high school years. Microscope activities can easily begin in the elementary years. While students at this age may not be able to prepare their own slides, they can certainly learn basic microscope structure and usage.

Microscope activity

I am proud to announce that my new app is now available on the iTunes App Store! Are you up to the challenge to become the greatest Forensic Firearm Expert in the World?

Ever wonder what it is like to be behind the microscope making decisions that could mean the life or death of an accused? Help Desk and Quizzes! Over the last month or so the Help Desk has not been working properly.

If you submitted a help ticket and did not receive a reply please try again. It should be work for you now. Also, the online quizzes still do not work properly. We have been trying to find the problem since the move to the new server but the fix eludes us!

I have converted the Firearms Identification 50 question quiz into a WORD Form Document and if you are an instructor and would like a copy of the quiz and answers please submit a Help Desk ticket and I'll sent it to you. Sorry for the continued problems with the quizzes! Some adjustments made and everything should be working now.

If you register or create your first classroom and don't receive notification please let me know by filing a trouble ticket with the help desk. Most functions of the site appear to be back to normal now. The site has a new Help Desk ticket system in place so now when you have trouble there will be a record of your submissions for you to refer to.

The FirearmsID Quizzes still have a glitch in them. You can take the quizzes but when you get to the end they don't display a score, they simply serve up endless blank questions.

Hopefully this will be fixed soon. The VCM simulates what it is like to microscopically compare both bullets and cartridge cases. Several exercises for each are provided and get progressively harder.

A printable certificate is provided when you successfully complete an exercise. A Path Forward 2 with directing the forensic science communities in the establishment of standardized procedures and protocols.

Microscope activity

The National Academy of Sciences has issued reports critical of the scientific foundations of the discipline. The report detailed what they perceived to be serious problems in training, certification, accreditation, protocols, standards, and reporting on evidence. Also, the report was critical of a number of the disciplines of forensic science.The relation between pelvis rotation and overall flexion of the horse’s thoracolumbar spine is then apparent.

Riding techniques altering longitudinal flexion of the horse’s thoracolumbar spine, therefore expose the horse to stifle injury.

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Parts of a Microscope Worksheet. 11 customer reviews. Author: Created by dazayling. Preview. Created: Dec 15, | Updated: Sep 14, This worksheet asks pupils to label the different parts of a microscope and then match up the keyterms with their function.

This is a good resource to use alongside the first lesson on microscopes. BAM!

Microscopy Pre-lab Activities

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1 Microscope Activity On the following pages you will find a copy of a microscope lab I do with my Bio honors students. There have been a few, but not many modifications in this version I have given you. Tim and Moby teach you how microscopes use convex and concave lenses to magnify objects we want to see super-close.

It's like ocular magic! Labeling the Parts of the Microscope. This activity has been designed for use in homes and schools. Each microscope layout (both blank and the version with answers) are available as PDF downloads.

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