Safety assignment

Research Safety Summary Due: Before submission, the safety assignment must be approved by your research advisor. You should start this assignment by sitting down with your research advisor and talking through your project.

Safety assignment

The first task is a method of identifying hazards using data supplied. Also learn about the dangers associated with the construction process as the task 2. Task 3, we have to explain the use of standard formats for the identification and registration of hazards and risk assessment are used to address the significant hazards.

For the task 4, shows assessments and risk monitor and review the changes in procedure or policy. And we also have to justify the effectiveness of the changes implemented. We can learn more about risk assessment produced by different workplaces and ways of working in task 5.

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There are a large number of techniques that can be used to perform this task at various stages during the life cycle of the process.

These vary from a concept safety review, which is performed as early as possible in the concept stage of the process, to a HAZOP study which can be performed on a fully operational plant.

Safety assignment

As well as being performed at different stages during the life cycle of the process, the level of detail for the different techniques is significant.

Concept safety review can only be used to provide insight in to the potential major hazards of the process, and hence steer the design of the plant to be more inherently safe. In contrast a HAZOP study is a systematic review of the process and should be able to identify the causes and consequences of deviations from the design intent.

It is important to choose the most appropriate identification technique, as this not only provides the appropriate level of detail, but can also be aimed at identifying hazards relating to specific areas.

There are many factors to consider when choosing a technique.


Many techniques have similar objectives and applied correctly should give comparable results. The hazard identification techniques are structured processes to identifying fault conditions that lead to hazards, and reduce the chance of missing hazardous events.

They all require considerable experience and expertise. There are name of hazard identification methods- 1. Concept Safety Review 5.

Inherent Hazard Analysis HAZOP A hazard and operability study HAZOP [CIASchlecter ] can be used at varying times during the life cycle of the process, from process development through to the closure of the plant, including hazard assessment of any modifications proposed during its operational life span.

Safety assignment

The study is usually performed by people led by a chairman with experience in performing safety studies. One of the other members is generally designated secretary and records all the finding of the group.Unit 3 Health and Safety in HSC Workplace Assignment.

Introduction. A strong relationship got build up in between the organization and its employees if an employer will take care of their health & is only possible when the workers are treating by them equally or as a human being.

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Research Safety Summary. Due: Monday of your 2 nd week of work Submit to the Research Inquire Website NOTE: Before submission, the safety assignment must be approved by your research advisor.. You should start this assignment by sitting down with your . 1. Why is it important for the safety practitioner to use macro thinking?

Provide one or two examples that support your discussion. Your response must be at.

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