Sports marketing paper

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Sports marketing paper

This e-mail is sent through its e-mail marketing firm known as 'e-Dialog', which is responsible for the creation and the distribution of a new newsletter to be distributed through the e-mail network to all its various teams in the league, every week.

Sports marketing paper

This e-mail marketing firm was launched in the yearand the e-mail that is created by the firm reaches more than a huge 1. In the yearthe NFL sports marketing team gave over the management of the website to AOL Time Warner, but retained innate control over each and every individual website to itself, and for broadband users, the iBeam Broadcasting Corporation was used as the official provider of a streaming media provider for the separate Superbowl.

Using e-Marketing to bring people together The NFL however, does not stop at these marketing strategies. The emphasis is on adapting to the changes in the world, everyday, and the NFL has indeed been able to adapt its sports marketing strategies, to some extent, to the changing environment and the changing needs of the Super Bowl Game fans of America.

For example, in the month of MayNFL was able to appoint a new lead executive to be in charge of the marketing and the sales operations of the NFL. Phil Guarascio had been working in the capacity of marketing manager at Benton and Bowles, New York, an advertising agencyand also at Proctor and Gamble, and at General Motors, after which he retired from active service, and joined NFL as an advisor.

Soon he was promoted Sports marketing paper the present position of marketing Manager of NFL, and quite a few of his innovative ideas are being utilized by the NFL in its sports marketing strategies today. Special Report, NFL tackles Marketing Challenges Phil Guarascio emphasized that the NFL's goal today is to not only improve and ramp up the organization from its present 'good' state to its future 'better' state and finally bringing it to a level that would be referred to as 'great'.

He outlined the various marketing strategies laid out by him in order to bring about the changes and the proposed improvements. Sports marketing paper only difficulty that was foreseen by Phil Guarascio was that the NFL was totally unlike a 'product' as seen in general terms.

A product like Pepsi or Chevrolet is an established product wherein the message being relayed can be controlled totally. However, in NFL, such a thing is not at all possible because the message cannot be controlled like in nay other product; and this means that the issue of branding the product is very different and also difficult.

In the case of NFL, the various branding issues affect the value of the sponsorship, and this in turn affects the usage of the market by the various sponsors, and this demonstrates the fact that all the factors are somehow or the other inter-related to each other.

Phil Guarisco, when questioned about the top marketing challenges of the League, asserted that the main challenge was the maintenance of the 'fan growth' of the League.

The various factors that contribute towards or affect the fan growth in some way or the other are the competition for consumers' attention, the fragmentation or the splitting up of the audience, and the entire cultural makeup of the country.

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All these factors can contribute towards the lessening of the number of fans, because of the fact that today, there are a lot more people who have a lot many more things to do, and the League may not be the only thing that would capture their attention.

Special Report, NFL tackles Marketing Challenges The innate value of the NFL lies in the solidity and the stability of the fan base that exists, and this also affects the players as well as the club owners, and also the fans. The priority, according to Phil Guarisco, is the growth and the maintenance of a base of fans that would be difficult to maintain in these changing times of today.

Not only have the times and the people changed, but the pressures on the individuals of today are also increasing on a daily basis, along with the stiff competition in every aspect of life.

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This may lead to the decrease in the number of people who would want to and enjoy a good game of Super Bowl football put up by the NFL. Though statistics show that people are still interested in football despite the immense pressures faced by them, it is a fact that a fan cannot be taken for granted; he has to be wooed and feted so that he remains a loyal fan till the end.

An example that would demonstrate this fact would be of a car manufacturer in America anticipating and expecting stiff competition from the Japanese and the Korean car manufacturers and being well prepared for it. Therefore, in order to prepare for this sort of competition, the NFL has been going all out in its efforts towards this direction.

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Primarily, a series of marketing efforts were undertaken. Hispanic marketing, urban marketing, and youth marketing. However, the strategy that would relate all the three researches together was not discovered and as a result, an external agency that would conduct research on what the value of the NFL was hired, and this agency conducted the 'economic' study on what was the value of the NFL and what was the value added by the NFL to each individual team.

This is where the difficulty of trying to find the value of a product like the NFL was evident; whereas in the case of a product like Pepsi it would be easy to add the hard assets of Pepsi with the value of the brand, it would be difficult to do this with NFL.

Special Report, NFL tackles Marketing Challenges This is because of the fact that when the value of the teams is added up, the result would be the value of the NFL that would be greater than the value of the teams.

This would mean that the NFL was adding up to the premiums of the Clubs. Since this was impractical, certain deep research was conducted whereby it would be possible for obtaining an approximate estimate of what would be the actual value of the brand called NFL.

This in turn would mean that the NFL would become more proactive and also answerable to the owners wherein the kinds of investments that were being made by the NFL would be clear and easy to explain.

Sports marketing paper

Since the NFL invariably works under a tight budget, all the marketing research and studies are done with the help and the aid of various partners.

This would mean that it is necessary for the NFL to understand the brand better and also that nothing would be easily taken for granted.And thus considering marketing as just a tool to sell products. Companies back in the ss and even today oftentimes dont think about the consumers Continue reading "Sports Marketing.".

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Only at". City Football Group’s CMO is taking inspiration from other sports, entertainment and digital channels as she looks to bolster Man City’s fan base and extend the club’s reach beyond match days.

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Download "Sports Marketing NFL" Term Paper ( Words)! ☘ the NFL support this idea, and the NFL on a weekly basis, in order to consolidate this theme, uses an e-mail letter. This e-mail is.

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