The luncheon william somerset maugham

I caught sight of her at the play and, in answer to her beckoning, I went over during the interval and sat down beside her. It was long since I had last seen her and if someone had not mentioned her name I hardly think I would have recognised her. She addressed me brightly. How time does fly!

The luncheon william somerset maugham

Setting - Paris — Restaurant Currency: Main characters - Narrator a poor writer - The woman — year-old fan 3. Plot - Story within a story. First 3 paragraphs and last paragraph constitutes the one story - the main one — Contains his message to the reader 4.

Climax - the bill The revenge in the final paragraph 5. Themes - appearance vs.

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His character develops throughout this story - feelings change from flattery and excitement to disgust and anger to revenge. Although his financial situation worries him, he wants to please his acquaintance. However, when she begins to order many expensive items, he first worries about how he will pay the bill.

Then, he feels humiliated for being used manipulated to satisfy her expensive food tastes only. I'm sure it's a mistake. Why don't you follow my example and just eat one thing? I'm sure you'd feel ever so much better for it. His final statement shows that he has had his revenge at last At the end when the acquaintance says, "Never eat more than one thing for luncheon" he emotionally releases himself by retorting, "I'll eat nothing for dinner tonight!

He imagines a portrayal of a graceful lady in his mind. But, when he goes to have a lunch with her, she appears as a surprising blast, a total opposite to his imagination. Not only her appearance but also her dialogues express that she is an extremely fat, food-loving and ravenous woman who does not even think a bit about the costs the speaker would have to pay for the lunch.

She has a very good appetite, and gobbles a lot of money also. The most interesting part is the verbal irony hidden in the lines she utters to the speaker, like she does not eat too much etc.

The irony concealed in her speeches helps to develop the main theme. These ironies make 'Luncheon' a comic story in the true sense. Irony - pg Says one thing, but does another - She wanted to meet with him to chat to him - but we are not told what they chat about.

He was poor - restaurant too expensive 2.Woven Words Textbook in English for Class - 11 (Elective Course) - Paperback – • The Luncheon - William Somerset Maugham Poetry • Introduction • The Peacock - Sujata Bhatt • Let me Not to the Marriage of True Minds - William Shakespeare • Coming - Philip LarkinReviews: 8.

Home; Story; _Completing Story; _Short Stories; Paragraph; Letters and Emails; _Emails. Somerset Maugham and the Maugham Dynasty A strangely very different account of Maugham's sexual initiation was much later given by Bryan Connon in his Somerset Maugham and the Maugham Dynasty (London, ).

William Somerset Maugham was born in Paris, the sixth and youngest son of the solicitor to the British embassy. Maugham learned French as his native tongue. At the age of 10, Maugham was orphaned and sent to England to live with his uncle, the Reverend Henry MacDonald Maugham.

On the Translator’s Responsibilities. Wang Ling, Zhang Kailing. Department of Foreign languages, School of Humanities, Tianjin University of Finance and Economics, The Introduction to William Somerset Maugham and the Luncheon.

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William Somerset Maugham, as one of . The writer of 'The Luncheon' William Somerset Maugham, in this short story, relates about a lady who is an admirer of his stories.

The luncheon william somerset maugham

She wins the author's favor .

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